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The Projects

Arduino Controller For Automated 360° Product Photography

Control the stepper motor of your automated turntable and trigger your camera via infrared or cable.

Instructions @ instructables

The Elements


Steppermotor controlled turntable with bearings. Use it for automated 360° product-photography. The turntable works fine for shooting small and light objects like cartoon character models, jewelery and more.

Instructions and Downloads

Display + Keypad Shield Frontplate

Lasercut-template and detailed instructions to create a suitable frontplate for your Adafruit 16x2 LCD + keypad shield. Full access to all buttons, compatible dimensions to the "Tinkerer's Baseplate" elements from FluxGarage.

Instructions @ instructables


Put your Arduino, a halfsize breadboard and the FluxGarage "Display Shield" element into a fixed environment. Mount your project periphery at one of the toothbars and build your prototypes without losing any parts.

Instructions @ instructables